Thursday, August 26, 2010

One more project completed!

So for starters, I realized that I didn't give Tyler credit for all his hard work.. He made these gorgeous pieces of furniture for me- from scratch!
This red end table
This TV stand (yes I know our TV doesn't do it justice at all). I mod podged with scrapbook paper to spice it up some.
He added beadboard to the cupboards and drawers of our office unit he built. And distressed it for me! You can never distress something too much!
The whole pic of the office unit desk. Isn't it amazing?!
Now onto the latest project- My family room collage wall was just missing something. I had this idea in my head for awhile that I found on UCreate and adapted it a little bit. I am so proud of myself for finishing a project and I can honestly say I made it without my hubby!
Hanging picture frames
I found plain 5x7 frames at Hobby Lobby, picked up some black lace, black beaded strand and headed home. I already had my paper and mod podge. I traced the frame onto the paper and cut it out a little smaller than my lines. I then used mod podge to glue it on. While it was drying I cut all my beaded strands the same length and made my bows out of the lace.
Then I sanded the edges of the frame and paper because my lines weren't perfect and I had to hide my mistakes!
I just used a hot glue gun to attach the beaded strand
Then I hung my nails and voila! It was so easy and it adds alot to the wall!
I also got my glass for the frames at Lowes- they have pretty decent prices! I know it is kinda lame to have that many pictures of just me and Tyler but I added some of our nieces and nephews and one day we will have a baby to put pictures of up!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Room Update

So I got a few new decorations for my birthday and also finally hung up the ones we had already- I took them down to do board and batton/beadboard in our family room!

I got those cute baskets for $5 dollars!
I know I have already posted a pic of this but I added a cute birdhouse to it and some pictures.
Notice the pic of our dog- yeah.. husband made me! haha
The husband got this gorgeous red clock for me for my birthday! I love love it!

I have some more ideas for our picture wall but haven't finished them yet so when I do I will post!
And added a much needed plant decoration in the corner- it looked empty without something there. Also this is a good pic to get a good look at our beadboard/board and batton. I love how it turned out and how much it adds to the room.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sorry my pictures are all backwards but I am finally getting around to posting our new gate and concrete! I am so happy- it turned out great and it will be nice to get it off our to do list! Also I love our gate and Tyler got a great deal on it!

Now I need some cute pots full of flowers and a bench. That will have to come later though..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rv Gate/cement soon to come!

On Monday our cement will be poured and the new gate put in! I cannot wait to post pictures of it- it's gonna look great! This is an expensive project but will be worth it! We found some guys to do it for a dang good price so that makes me feel better about it all. This is a pic of where the driveway will be extended and you can see what our gate is right now.

Tyler had to redo some of our sprinklers and drip system cause "an idiot put them in" so he says. And we have to do it before cement on Monday so he has been workin hard all day. I don't know how he does it in this heat!
Where the new walkway will be. We are putting a walkway in so I can put a big rustic bench in front of the house! jk that is just a plus- we are doing it so when we add a garage one day people will have a way to get to our front door cause right now it sends people through the carport.
Can't you just imagine a cute bench and some big pots overflowing with flowers?? :) Speaking of flowers though- My poor babies are going to be ripped out and are pretty much dead already. What a waste of money- we just put those in! Oh well I will get over it.

Well I will for sure post when it is all done!

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Post- So far

So, here are some before pictures of our cute little house in Mesa, AZ.
Sorry they are so small- they were copied from the internet cause we were dumb and didn't take any ourselves!

The master bedroom
The living room
the family room
family room again
the outside
So if you can't tell- there was a wall between the family and living room. It made both rooms just seem so small so we knocked out that wall and made one big room. Also I don't have a pic of the kitchen but it had a low ceiling and plain oak cabinets. The floors inside were that sticky vinyl tile that you just peel off and put on the cement. Now here are some pictures of what we have done so far..

The kitchen- I painted the cabinets a cream color and then distressed them and made them shabby chic. My husband added the veneer brick in the kitchen pop out. He got the materials cheep and did it himself through the company he works for- Copper Canyon Stone.
The family room with the wall knocked out. It opens it up so much. By the way I know my walls are a little plain but don't worry more project photos are coming in the near future! Also we put in the travertine tile and I absolutely love it! I love the pattern it has.
The outside. We painted the house that green color and got a new black roof and put in some grass. This weekend we are pouring some cement so pics will come of that finished project. We also added black shutters but I am planning to re-do them sometime in the near future hopefully.
The dining room. This room has now changed some and I will get an updated picture of it soon! My bike is no longer there and we have an awesome desk in there now that my husband made.

So this is the pictures we have so far. We have changed alot of stuff already so I will try and get some posts up of the updated rooms.